Simple easy-to-use AIGC API for OpenAI, stable diffusion and more

Looking to streamline your business operations? Our user-friendly API allows for easy integration of AIGC into your listing optimization, customer support, order analysis, and more. 

With PGPT – AI, you’ll cut your development time in half and won’t have to worry about any additional IT infrastructure expenses. Plus, our integration services will save you time, money, and headaches. 

Choose PGPT – AI for a seamless and cost-effective AIGC integration experience.

Supported AI Providers

How it works?


Register an account and choose the PGPT-AI service; no prior approval is required, and the account can be activated immediately.


By creating an app, you can immediately get access to the corresponding AI service’s API without the need to deploy additional GPU servers. Currently, we support OpenAI, Google Bard, Stable Diffusion, and more.


After obtaining the API access address and token in the newly created app, you can use them in your application to immediately enable the magical AI capabilities for your application.

The Advantages of Building with PGPT-AI

Easy activation

Register, Create AI App, Get the key. No need for review. You can start using PGPT-API in no time with simple activation steps


You can apply most AI Providers' API here, you don't need to setup the gpu for AI painting too. The process is straightforward, making it easy to use.

Affordable pricing

Keep your costs under control with PGPT-API's low usage cost


From application to development and usage, enterprise-level support services help you get the best service.

Ready to get started